Saturday, August 15, 2009

Beautiful Rainy Day

Today is a perfect Saturday for me. It is raining and cooler than it has been all week. Perfect for knitting and catching up on blogs. The only thing that is making the day not perfect is that Mr80grit had to work today. He is required to work one Saturday a month. He loves rainy days as much as I do. Plus after work he is going to his former Science Club Teacher's 75th birthday party. Some how I don't have to go which is okay with me. Maybe I will head to the yarn store and do some card shopping also.

I have not posted in a while as I got some news regarding a love one on August 3rd and I am still processing the information.

This next week is that last week of summer schedule for work and we end it with bang on Saturday the 22nd with Summer Jam.

So off to enjoy the day, maybe take pictures if the sun comes out on some completed projects.

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  1. Oh Summer Jam sounds fun. Hope your loved one is alright.